The Significance of Orange as a Colour and as a Fruit by By Prince Chris AbasiEyo

Whereas Nigeria adopts green and white (With the green representing the vegetation and abundant natural resources of the country, while the white band stands for peace) as her colours, Akwa Ibom State, chooses ORANGE as her official colour. Our forebears who did so upon the creation of Akwa Ibom State, thirty years ago, were well informed to understand that the colour ORANGE, represents “creativity, audacity, virtue, industry, sociability, hospitality and tenacity, having remained undaunted for sixty years (1927-1987) in their agitations for a State of our own. Are these not who we are?

In recent weeks, many naysayers and irredeemable critics, have been on the rampage especially on the virtual media, querying the justification of the use of the colour ‘ORANGE’ of all colours, to rebrand Akwa Ibom State @30. Arising from these literal and verbal effluvia, I have chosen herein to endeavour an exegesis:

Primarily, colours are adopted for identification, inspiration, attraction, etc. When in use, a colour symbolically epitomises what it represents in volumes, as in character, nature, beliefs, focus and so on. Colours are therefore, adopted to surmise the details of the distinctive qualities of what they represent. For example, the colour – white, is used in most cases to represent transparency, purity, harmlessness, innocence, among others. This has been the rationale behind the use of colours by States and Organisations to represent what they stand for through their ensigns.


The use of colours or symbols to tell a story, predict the future or for identification, dates back to antiquity. But this became popularised in the medieval Europe, during the scrambles for power and the struggles by families through their Knights, to take control and establish their dynasties. Following the outbreaks of violent claims and counterclaims to medieval thrones of the 11th century, families decided to design their shields, seals, banners, flags and other symbols in special styles and colours, to identify themselves. Consequently, the giving of meanings to these colours and symbols, became known as the Science of HERALDRY.

Therefore in heraldry, the colour ORANGE’ the official colour of Akwa Ibom State, synergises the qualities in the hotter colours ‘of red, gold and yellow’ thus combining the energy of red, the happiness in yellow and the enduring prestige of gold to charge up the psyche of AKS with charm, attraction, strength, perseverance, wisdom and the likes to keep us joyously enthusiastic and determined even in the face of uncertainty, aridity and bestiality.

In psychology,Orange is a bolder colour as it is one of the colours of the sun. This is why it is often called the sunshine colour. Orange is a colour of colours as it aptly arrests one’s attention as the sun captures the attention of the day. As a background colour, Orange holds and demands the attention of viewers indefinitely. As a citrus fruit, Orange is to human health (through the vitamins it carries), what sunlight is to photosynthesis and to life generally as a source of energy. Orange is the true colour of fire and therefore expressive of the inalienable truth that, the God of AkwaAbasi Ibom State, is a consuming Fire, burning off every obstacle standing on the way of Akwa Ibom State to take the rebirth of her manifest destiny in the sun.

By Prince Chris AbasiEyo

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