Opinion: Hijab, Muslims and Us- Elvis Osung

May be this is the last I will write on this. It’s annoying.

People are saying hijab ,by Islamic tenet ,must be worn by a Muslim woman everywhere.

Hey! There are other religions too. And they have their tenets.

The brotherhood of the cross and star members go about bare foot . That is their religious belief and we must respect it, as we respect hijab .

But if a member of brotherhood shows up for call to bar barefoot ,should he /she be called because his religious beliefs permit it?

Let’s say a juju worshiper, by the dictates of his juju religion, believes that he must not step out of his house without carrying broom and wearing cap as part of his dressing. If he shows up at call to bar ceremony with broom in hand and cap on head , should he be called??

If a member of RccG is on their church’s 40 days fasting and shows up at the call to bar, refusing to eat the compulsory dinner because the Bible permits fasting, should he be called?

The issue is that no religion is Superior to another. If you are going to bend the call to bar requirement for Muslims, then you must be prepared to abandon dress code in the Profession altogether because I foresee Ifa worshipers also appearing for call to bar and appearing in court in red beads and all manner of apparels.

If we change our profession to accommodate one religion, we must be prepared to make it to accomodate all religions, including the African traditional religion.

We cannot demand to be flexible for just group of people who will not accept other people’s approach.

standards must either be maintained or destroyed completely.

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