Let’s talk about death ~ Jezzey Bay

One of the things i’d like Africans to discuss more liberally, is death. We experience dying and death more frequently than in most places on earth but we never want to discuss it.

Even when every religious type says they are ultimate candidates for heaven, they still are not prepared for facing death.

If we talked about it and PLAN for it, we might begin to focus on what’s important and stop leaving our baggage to others to clean up.

In Sweden for instance, they have pay a death tax as part of their tax codes. This is kept secure in an insurance system (some mofos in Nigeria will already be salivating at the thought of stealing that!) and is used to finance the funeral costs.

But apart from the fact that the families will not think about the associated costs, we can make sure that as a society, we give think about end of life and offer dignity to the many after death.

It also allows all of us to participate in our funerals! I want to do that. I want to clean my house before i go. I want to set everything in order.

I think that’s what dignity means. Of course not everyone will get that but it’s possible.

I don’t want to leave debts, unsolved conundrums or family feuds. And i want to be able to say to anyone planning an elaborate ‘Owambe’ for me to drop that idea and get close family and friends together in a small ceremony concluded with thoughtful music, good food and a few beers.

I see a lot of you cringing from reading this already! It’s all in your heads. We will all go at some point. Relax. Ko si ewu loju tiwa. lol

Death is the beginning of a different life.

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