INEC Disenfranchised Me- Akhigbe Samson

When I visited the INEC office in my area to transfer my polling unit, I was told that it would take 6 months. This was about 8 months ago. I was shocked beyond words, it would take 6 months to get on a computer database, search for Akhigbe Samson and move the name from Mushin to Banana Island??? As in months, not minutes? #Osu_Mefa I already have a PVC by the way. I understood why it would take that long this morning listening to the INEC commissioner responsible for the cards. The battery of Nigeria’s destiny is really low. The man was asked a simple question: “If it takes a bank 24 hours to produce an ATM card, why will it take INEC 6 months to produce a card”? He kept on blabbing. In truth, the man has no idea that we live in 2018, a time when a-4 year old can conveniently select Disney Junior channel on DStv. When I was 4 years old, I was the remote control.

For those who don’t understand the foolishness of it all, an ATM card is more complex than the PVC. Our PVC only works on one platform – Card Reader. Aside that, it’s just a like the regular plastic ID cards we print at the roadside, it is not even near a key card. That’s how basic the card is, yet, INEC needs 6 months to make 1. The technology that produces our PVC is not domiciled in Nigeria, that’s to tell you how idiotic INEC and the Federal government is. So, each time people resister, they wait for a certain number of batch, then ship to the country of production. I know China will know, just like America knew!!!

PS: I checked the status of my transfer last week and discovered that the polling unit didn’t change. Folks, it pains me to announce that I may not be participating in the forthcoming elections for the 2nd time because INEC disenfranchised me.

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