Opinion: Politics changes people ~ Francis Akpaekong

Prayer is popularly known to change things, but I have carefully observed that politics in Nigeria also changes things drastically. One of the things I have seen politics changes so easily are human beings. I have several examples of individuals in Nigeria whom politicking has changed, unfortunately, not for the better.

Let me start with the Chairman of APC, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole. When he was the President of Nigeria Labour Congress some years past, Oshiomhole was a man of the people. He was always at loggerheads with the government whenever the latter came out with what seemed like anti-people’s policies. Then, Oshiomhole was loved not only by his kinsmen the Edo people, but by the generality of Nigerians.

Today, Oshiomhole has changed completely after he had joined active politics over a decade ago. By his actions, association, interest, utterances, you see a different Oshiomhole. You see a man who is no more seeking or fighting for the well being of the people but his own and that of his political class. All the virtuous ideals of justice, honesty, integrity and fairplay he upheld have been thrown to the winds. It was very embarrassing to watch a video the other day in which Oshiomhole was chased away by an angry crowd who called him “ole” in his very state.
Like prayer, politics, especially in Nigeria, is powerful!

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