Where is Nsima Ekere’s Mandate?

By Kenneth Jude

Where’s the mandate of Mr. Nsima Ekere, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the last governorship election in Akwa Ibom State?

This is a one million dollar question in the public space that clairvoyants, diviners, professors, seers and their allied partners are trying to unravel.

Nsima Ekere, a former Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) who lost the state’s top chair to Udom Emmanuel is insisting that his mandate was stolen.

Since making the statement, many have been taken aback. Questions have been raised. The questions have come from all quarters. Where did he keep his mandate? In whose custody was the mandate kept? Police? Army? Contractors? Investors? Dealers in walking sticks? Where exactly?

As you read this, a team of experts, I’m told, has been set up to search for and recover the missing mandate. Their mandate, a competent source told me, is to unravel the mystery surrounding the mandate which, Ekere, a former deputy governor, insists has been stolen.

The team, I understand, is made of men well grounded in matters concerning recovery of stolen items, goods, mandates and all. My friend who is a friend to the cousin of a top ranking member of the APC told me in no uncertain terms that the tact team is expected to swear oath of allegiance next week. The oath swearing ceremony, it was learnt, will be televised with top members of the party, including the diminutive, talkative and hyperactive Adams Oshiomhole in attendance.

Among other things, the team is to investigate thoroughly all circumstances that led to the stealing of Nsima Ekere’s mandate. They will also comb some flash points like Ukana, Essien Udim, Ikot Ekpene, Igini’s residence, I’m told, and other areas where the mandate is suspected to have been deposited.

The mandate, a core supporter of Nsima Ekere whispered to me, will also be searched for at popular locations in Uyo like Ibom Plaza, Water Fountain at Nwaniba, Akpan Andem Market, Uyo City Polytechnic, pepper soup joints, beer parlours, Maitama, among other places of interest.

He said further that top church leaders, pastors and Bishops who directly or indirectly supported Mr. Udom Emmanuel will have their churches searched thoroughly for the all important mandate. This idea, I have on good authority, was suggested by a female Bishop in town who prophesied that if she’s truly a woman of God, Nsima Ekere will be Akwa Ibom State next governor. I won’t mention her name due to home training.

The search which may compete with the foremost Gulder Ultimate Search will commence anytime soon said a top source who confirmed that plans are in top gear to kickstart the search in no time.

There’s also another curious twist to the stolen mandate tale. A little bird told me that key members of the APC who many have regularly accused to have worked secretly against the success of Nsima Ekere may have made away with the former deputy governor’s mandate.

There’s a video in the public space wherein Nsima Ekere, in the run up the polls, is seen singing a derisive song in the presence of some bigwigs of the APC apparently in his residence. The song which was led by him (Ekere), now irrelevant though, went thus: “nte afo amenim ke akpaniko ke Udom ayong idung (2×) oh oh oh oh oh oh…” and the beat goes on…

Engrossed and enraptured by the gaiety and sonority of the song, eyes shut in fantasy, the sheer thought of seeing Udom leave hilltop mansion for him, lost in cloud nine, a member of the party who claimed to have stepped out to answer nature’s call when the song was on, has been accused of stealing Nsima Ekere’s mandate.

But the accused has stood his ground. He has claimed innocence of the allegations against him, maintaining that he only went to ease himself and saw no mandate let alone steal it. But those who have accused him of being in position of the missing mandate are questioning why he had to step out to answer the call of nature when a “serious song” was being sung by no less a personality but a Knight of John Wesley (KJW), Nsima Ekere.

In the heat of all the accusations and counter accusations, a female friend of my former girlfriend told my current girlfriend to tell me that nobody is deemed innocent in the ongoing missing mandate drama. She revealed that top members of the party like Ita Enang, Udoedehe, Akpabio, Umana Okon Umana and others will have their homes searched too as ONE bids to audaciously recover his stolen mandate.

The team, I understand, has been given express orders to rummage the homes of the aforementioned key members of the party as they look to retrieve, recover and return ONE’s stolen mandate.

The search party, led by a Professor of Research and Recovery, I’m told, is combat ready along with his team of experts to give their best shot to this critical and very delicate assignment.

While I don’t intend to hijack or interfere in the clearly spelt out duty of the search party, I stumbled on a long time friend the other day who told me that he knows somebody that knows another person that is gifted in the art of recovering stolen items.

When I told him of Nsima Ekere’s stolen mandate, he smiled (as if to suggest that it’s a small job), saying the person he is talking about always recovers stolen phones, gadgets, bathroom slippers and other items whenever any of such incident happens in his community no matter how long it takes.

The man, he added, will not only recover the mandate, but will personally deliver it to Nsima Ekere in his house. As he made to leave, given that he was headed for a crucial meeting, I got his phone number which I no longer had.

Now, will ONE or any of his close aide(s) contact me in order to get this all important phone number? Will it seem as though I’m out to stop the already contracted search and recovery team from doing their job? Is the guy I met real? But in times like this, no option should be waved away. What do you think?

While commentators, contractors and investors alike continue to talk about ONE and his shocking outing in last Saturday’s poll, the question still being asked by concerned and sympathetic friends of ONE is: where is Nsima Ekere’s stolen mandate?

Kenneth Jude, a Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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