The claim about Atiku being a non-Nigerian ~ Abdul Mahmud

The claim about Atiku being a non-Nigerian is pretty silly. Only those who have no sense of history make such a silly claim. I once addressed this issue and I don’t intend to address it here again, beyond stating the obvious implications of the ahistorical and unconstitutional claim, as follows:

1) if you’re are anywhere from the southern tips of the highlands of Taraba, and Adamawa, including Michika and the surrounding communities, YOU ARE NOT A NIGERIAN;

2) If you are from southern Borno, including the historical Dikwa Emirate, and anywhere extending far deep into Yobe , YOU ARE NOT A NIGERIAN;

3) If you are an indigene of any of the places referred to above and you voted in any of the towns stated above, YOUR VOTE IS VOID;

4) If you are from any of the 23 LGAs that are parts of Borno state, YOU ARE AN ALIEN because your community, indigenous to Northern Cameroons, only joined Nigeria following the February 1961 plebiscite.

We can’t all be equally yoked to the stupidity of those who make such horrendous claim, so we must stick to the historical and constitutional truths:

a) The people of northern Cameroons were never part of the Republic of Cameroun. Never. They were until 1961 trusteeship subjects of the UN.

b) The people of northern Cameroons are citizens of Nigeria by virtue of Section 10 of the 1963 Republican Constitution- Special Provisions on Northern Cameroons;

c) That communities in Taraba, Yobe and Borno are pre-colonial communities whose existence predates the European scramble for Africa. Take Dikwa in Borno for example that has existed for almost a century, but which came under Arab-Sudanese, later German and British controls, and subsequently part of Northern Cameroons till it joined Nigeria in 1961, via a referendum.

So you know: the people of Southern Cameroons, AKA Republic of Ambazonia, are today fighting for their independence and I hope the stupidity of a few will not force communities of northern Cameroons- now parts of Taraba, Borno and Yobe – to renew the historical agitation for the independence of northern Cameroons.

To be fore-warned…

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