Noah Speaks: Sen. Akpabio, Annang & the rest of us

For the interest of those bereft of points save ethnic sentiment to defend Sen. Akpabio and who also have made attempts to convince the rest of us to join such parochialism, Akpabio is not synonymous with Annang. He didn’t go that far because he was Annang man. He won’t be rescued because he is Annang man. A man’s self worth primarily lies in his personality not his ethnicity.

Besides God, the only notable structure which made Sen. Akpabio what he was and which have also taken that glory from him is the People’s Democratic Party,  that means the people. But before there was a Godswill Akpabio, there was Annang and great Annang men and after Akpabio there’ll still be Annang and other great men. Akpabio is not the beginning and end of Annang. No need going to war for him!

Maybe we forget so soon, fact remains that before there was a governor and Senator Godswill Akpabio there was a better man, Chief Donald Etiebet, our late Akpan Annang. Late Chief Donald Etiebet was a senator during the Nigerian Second Republic (1979 – 1983). He was elected governor of Cross River State, holding the office from October to December 1983 when the military coup brought Akpabio’s General Muhammadu Buhari into power. After leaving office, Etiebet didn’t go about ranting anyhow, spewing illogical and irreconcilable statements because of desperation and greed. When Etiebet died in July, 2015 , Akwa Ibom state, not only Annangland stood still to give him his deserving respect. Gov. Udom Emmanuel during the funeral service on December, 11th, 2015 described him ‘as the symbol of unity in Akwa Ibom state.’ Akpabio should chill.

I don’t need to talk to us about the late Dr Ime Umanah, even though he wasn’t holding any political office at the state level, he had in his life time employed his own money to touch lives than Akpabio ever did as state governor. Be it in Abak, Uyo, Lagos or London, no Akwa Ibom person who met Ime Umanah left disappointed. Otuekong Don Etiebet is no less, he’s made great men with legitimate income than Akpabio. In politics, business, academia and corporate worlds, am privileged to know so many Annang men and women who in few decades will be beneficial to Annang nation than a Godswill Akpabio.

What was even a  Godswill Akpabio to the tribe? Have we forgotten the many insults he either spewed at or sponsored others to throw on Atuekong Don Etiebet and Late Ime Sampson Umana? We will be fools to forget so soon how Akpabio and his government for 8 years disparaged the Afe Annang, the highest sociocultural and political group in Annangland. How did Akpabio referenced the Ittai Afe Annang, Akuku Pius Effiong Esitde? Have we forgotten he sponsored mushroom groups made up of his loyalists to belittle the body and the traditional stool? Go to Essien Udim, ask about how Akpabio related with the paramount ruler of Essien Udim, HRM Obong Cosmas Essien in his 8 years of governor. We’re all not fools to his many dishonourable moves against the Annang people.

Late Engr. Albert Jimmy Ukpanah that was murdered, Late Ime Umanah who died a martyr, Chief Sonni Udom, Dr Udoma Bob Ekarika and others who never smiled under Akpabio’s government, were they not Annang people? Udo Ekpenyong that was ridiculed under the directive of Akpabio was he not an Annang man? Our Distinguished Sen. Ittak Bob Ekarika that was completely relegated from political power by Sen. Akpabio was he not an annang man; Jackie Jay’s flourishing electrical business under former Gov. Victor Attah became moribund under same Annang Gov. Akpabio.

Where is Akpabio in Annang land? Its only a fool who sees Akpabio disaster as an Annang disaster. Akpabio committed political suicide the very day he joined the APC and good enough his successor, Engr Chris Ekpenying is also an Annang, where then is the need to bring ethnicity into the game? Is the PDP now an Ibibio party after Akpabio has enjoyed it for more than 14 years and almost ruined it?

The people now feeling he should be spared of the consequences of his actions simply because he is an annang person, did Annang send him to join and support the APC? Did Annang ask him to fight his in-law, Gov. Udom Emmanuel? Is he not aware that the very Buhari he supported was the same Buhari he vehemently fought in 2015 and was the very dictator who made Annang first governor, Chief Donald Etiebet to lose his governorship seat in then Cross River state?

I stand to be quoted, Sen. Akpabio didn’t do anything significant to be equated as the manhood of Annang land. He wasn’t our manhood, he’s not our manhood and may never be our manhood. He wasn’t made by Annang at the first place, his fall is not done by Annang people, he’s replaced by another Annang son not an Ibibio person, so there is no need for ethnic  bigotry. He was made by the people under the umbrella of the PDP and the same people have brought him down. His salvation may still be under the same umbrella!

For Akpabio’s sake let the APC which is made of Annang, Ibibio and other ethnic groups fight for Akpabio. Annang should on no ground be drawn into the already lost battle.

Let me end this with the words of INI Ememobong, “We warn Senator Akpabio to desist forthwith from including the PDP in his serial lies. He is history to us, for all we care and soon, will be history to his Senatorial District- people who have sent the disgraced senator on compulsory political retirement.

A brave man should prepare to face the natural consequences of his actions and not to engage in perennial doublespeak, disgraceful pendulum motion and irreverent redefinition of established terms.”




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