Noah Speaks: ‘I received a call from President Buhari’

“I received a call from President Buhari this afternoon (27/02/19), he told me to tell my supporters that the Egyptians they see today, they will see no more.” So said Obong Nsima Ekere, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom state who couldn’t win his federal constituency or any seat for the Buhari and APC in Akwa Ibom state.

For his information, Ami, Itoro Noah, also had received a from Bhari, same day and same minute Bhari swore he never called Nsima Ekere. Bhari said he hasn’t even if  have the energy to call Northerners who did everything necessary towards his emergence how then would he call Nsima Ekere who didn’t even win the election in his ward, local government, federal constituency and senatorial district.

Bhari went further to express disappointment in the Akwa Ibom APC . He cried that they have performed below expectation considering the sacrifices he has made for them. According to him, I made Nsima Ekere the managing Director of the NDDC; I gave the state more than 60 board appointments; I even delved into state finance and created different challenges for the state government; the most painful aspect is that I even started my campaign there but yet the state couldn’t win even a single seat for our party. Am not even talking about my election, but the 3 senate seats and 10 house of representative positions in Akwa Ibom state.

Bhari in details wondered why Nsima Ekere and Udoma UdoUdoma couldn’t deliver Ikot Abasi to the APC. He expressed shock that even the so much talked about Akpabio whose defection cost the party more than a billion naira plus the fact that the party had to put away all the allegations against him couldn’t deliver himself and federal constituency not to talk of the Akwa Ibom state to the APC. It took Akpabio more than 3 days to deliver his Essien Udom  to us whereas he had bragged he will deliver the entire state in 3 hours. Bhari said he has given his aide, Senator Ita Enang a stern warning never to bring any Akwa Ibom person to the lodge again as they’ve proven to be useless to the course of the APC.

I was further directed by Bhari to inform Akwa Ibom people that there’s nothing like federal might, that any such impression was painted for the sake of the federal elections which covers presidential and national assembly elections.
Bhari explained further that he’s not aware of the random arrest going on in Akwa Ibom state. He scolded Atuekong Don Etiebet for using the federal government machinery to arrest a man young enough to be his son but yet couldn’t still win the election in his unit and ward. He advised that there’s no need why any Akwa Ibom person should be tormented because of the forthcoming elections, ‘if I couldn’t win in Akwa Ibom, it is not possible for Nsima or any other APC candidate to win’.

Between my call from Bhari and Nsima’s supposed call from Buhari, we will see which will come to manifestation on Saturday 9th!

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