Noah Speaks: On the proposed Oruk Anam APC campaign visit

Today, 8th January, 2019, former Akwa Ibom state governor and senator representing Ikot Ekpene senatorial district, Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio will bring his stooge, Obong Nsima Ekere to Oruk Anam. I think its proper I air the opinions of the silent majority of Oruk Anam people as it concerns this set of visitors.

1. This is not the first time we are seeing or hearing of this team- Godswill Akpabio, Nsima Ekere, Umana Umana etc. Memories of their 8 years adventure in Akwa Ibom state government house are still fresh among us.

2. We cannot forget that despite our 8 years support for them Oruk Anam had no commissioner or held any other significant post for the two terms the pack manned the affairs of Akwa Ibom state.

The only Nsima' NDDC project in Oruk Anam
The only Nsima’ NDDC project in Oruk Anam

3. It is a fact that the 8 years they  directed the affairs of Akwa Ibom state, not even one single road was completed in Oruk Anam.

4. The last time that the pack directed the affairs of Akwa Ibom state, our political stakeholders – Atuekong Don Etiebet, Obong Sonni Udom and Dr Udoma Bob Ekarika were only lucky not to have ended like late Okon Uwah and Late Albert Ukpanah and not forgetting Late Dr Ime Umana.

5. We cannot forget that that team watched idly for 8 years as the first hospital in Annangland and the only major hospital in Oruk Anam depreciated to a ‘zoo’.

Ikot Okoro Hospital under Akpabio and under Udom
Ikot Okoro Hospital under Udom and in the 8 years of Akpabio

6. The team abandoned a project at 80% completion, then model secondary school at ward 7 to rot not minding how much was already invested in the institution by the preceding government of Obong Victor Attah, just because it was in Oruk Anam.

7. It is also on record that even though their administration for 8 years didn’t do any road in Oruk Anam, the leader of the pack still had the temerity to sabotage the effort of the present government of Akwa Ibom state to provide Oruk Anam with roads. How do we explain that a substantial amount of money out of N11.6billion is only used for construction of gutters for a period of 3 years at Obio Akpa Ikot Eka Ide, Ikot Okoro Road leading to Urua Anwa market in Oruk Anam L.G.A? He used Sea Land as he previously used HAMMAKKOP during his administration to mock us.

8. Let it be known them that the people are satisfied with the administration of our son-in-law, Gov. Udom Emmanuel.

9. The traditional rulers of Oruk Anam- family heads, village and and clan heads have declared their support for Gov. Udom Emmanuel. According to the presiding head, His Royal Majesty Obong Johnny Mme Etuk, ‘Oruk Anam traditional rulers council is part of the Akwa Ibom state rulers council which endorsed Gov. Udom Emmanuel for a second term.  This is our chance, it will be an abomination for Oruk Anam not to support their in-law, any Oruk Anam person opposing our son is a dissident and will surely meet a bad end.’

Cassava Processing Mill constructed by Gov. Udom
Cassava Processing Mill constructed by Gov. Udom

10. No Oruk Anam person is ignorant of the implication of betraying an in-law. Any betrayer starting from Atuekong Don Etiebet who was physically present during the marriage ritual between then Mr Udom Emmanuel and Miss Martha Bernard Idiong and also during the burial of both parents of Her Excellency to the least conscious broom carrier shall not go unrewarded if they commit the sacrilege of  betraying an in-law. God is watching and they know it!

10. Gov. Udom Emmanuel has proven to be of more benefit to Oruk Anam people than any other previous government – it has never happened that a government in less than 4 years has awarded contract for the construction of 3 major roads in the area; reconstructed a market as big as the Urua Anwa; set up a cassava processing and oil palm processing factories; facilitated the navy school which may soon be transformed to a military university; reconstructed the Ikot Okoro hospital and proposed in the completion agenda to convert it to a school of nursing and midwifery; build another hospital for the area among several other things including electricity and water.

11. The commissioner we never had under Akpabio’s 8 years we have had and in addition at least 8 SAs, 2 board chairmen and many PAs.

12. The Obio Akpa campus of the Akwa Ibom state University which previously was a glorified secondary school designed with bush tracts as internal roads and abattoirs as class rooms now have well tarred internal roads and well equipped structures comparable to any other university in Nigeria.

13. We are not interested in Nsima Ekere or his deputy governor. The only road they attempted doing in Ekparakwa under the watch of then state chairman of the APC and now deputy governorship candidate is still inaccessible.

  1. Inside Ikot Okoro Hospital equipped by Gov. Udom
    Inside Ikot Okoro Hospital equipped by Gov. Udom

14. We’ve not forgotten Akpabio’s confession few weeks to 2015 elections when he admitted that he didn’t do anything for Oruk Anam but that our son in law, Gov. Udom Emmanuel will do the necessary. We believed you then and Udom has not disappointed us either. We need him back to initiate new and also complete old projects.

Senator Akpabio, Oruk Anam imaha Nsima! The deputy governorship candidate has no support base either, he never had and can never have. Bring your crew, dance, talk and go, Oruk Anam shall remain PDP.

Navy School, Ikot Ntuen, facilitated by Gov. Udom
Navy School, Ikot Ntuen, facilitated by Gov. Udom


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