Noah Speaks: The Martha that matters

See Ikot Abasi, see Oruk Anam, a common boundary, same road in and same routes out; both bound by Rivers state but Nsima Ekere saw no other LGA out of the far away spread 31 LGAs available to choose his deputy.

As if that was not enough they ignored Ukanafun zoning formulae and still gave their federal house ticket to an Oruk Anam person; like the APC deputy governorship candidate, he is of the Oruk axis of Oruk Anam.

On the state house of assembly, even though all calculations indicated it was the turn of Anam to produce the state house member, the APC still forced the ticket on an Oruk person.

For those who didn’t know why Nsima Ekere zoned all 3 positions to Oruk axis of Oruk Anam, the answer is that the same zone is the place of origin of her excellency, the wife of the governor, Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel. In other words, Nsima chose 3 Oruk men to fight a woman, their sister and daughter, the trio were defeated in their wards during last election.

In Nsima’s dirty mindset, he wanted to pitch Oruk and Oruk Anam against their daughter and also Gov. Udom Emmanuel. He wanted us to commit the abomination of being responsible for the downfall of our daughter and in-law. Being wise and versed in the tradition of our fathers and having seen the good works of His Excellency, Gov. Udom Emmanuel, we, APC and PDP in Oruk Anam abandoned Nsima Ekere and fellow traitors.

Oruk Anam cannot and will not disappoint her daughter and every other PDP candidate. Even the members of the opposition do understand why we must support Gov. Udom Emmanuel, it is the reason they supported the PDP in the last election and will double the support on Saturday, 9th March 2019.

God bless Oruk Anam people as we choose light against darkness; empowerment against kidnapping; development against marginalisation and lovers against oppressors.


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