Noah Speaks: Loot, looter, looting economy

Its unfortunate that at this stage of our statehood we cannot safely compare our leaders and even potential leaders with such superlative terms as good, better or best but rather with less and lesser evil. Virtually everyone sees governance as an avenue to come and loot for his or herself, loot for ones family, friends and immediate constituency.

The Buhari’s administration like the previous ones has no institution to restrain looting, mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds. It’s still business as usual after almost 4 years of his administration. We only get to hear about persecution and prosecution of unfriendly and inexperienced looters amidst looting spree. Those not caught and those close to the presidency are still enjoying their loots.

In all consideration there’s always available money and available means for public officers to loot. Yams are still kept in front of goats and the matter made worse by fear and insecurity. Fear of being poor and insecurity of the future . Fear and insecurity among other avoidable factors enhance looting in Nigeria. People loot to keep themselves rich as they’re not guaranteed of a better future after serving in public offices. They even go as far as looting to secure the future of their children and grandchildren. They don’t want to live the poor, wretched, insignificant, inconsequential and lamentable life they see ordinary people live. They know in our society your status is determined by how much money one has presently and are aware that the said money is hard to come by through honest and decent ways. They even loot to please the poor people whose money they are looting!

The looters also live in fear of other looters looting their loots. That’s why they invest outside the country where there are laws and institutions to protect their investments. They’re fully conscious of the odd fact that over here business unconnected with looters and looting seldom grow. They hide or invest the loots abroad.

Most of our leaders and followers have questionable wealth, wealth we can’t account for, I mean wealth traceable to loot. Election now means change of looters. We don’t in all circumstances clamour for change of power because we want the best. What some people want is just change of looters. We want our own looters there. Looter we know and who know us by our names. Looters who will make us looters by association. Looting in fact runs our economy!

But, we have to stop and think about where we are going with these looting. We have had past looters, present looters and there are upcoming looters and everyone will make successful looters if we do not make or put in place proactive measures to checkmate looting. Its indisputable we no longer have abundant money to loot as it were in the past, maybe because of the more number of looters or just because of low revenue generation from crude oil but in all earnest, this country will sink if nothing is done to prevent looting.

Looting must be made difficult. The idea of catching the looter after looting no longer works. The main looters still find their way out by securing friendly partnership with the police and judiciary depending on how much was looted. Its either we make less money available for the looters and make the process of looting impossible or we forget about preaching against corruption. Goats will always eat yams kept before them!

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