Godswill Akpabio, the new godfather and his desperate dance steps

By Itoro Noah

It was King David who had so much joy that he danced to the extent that his cloths almost fell off, revealing the King’s skin. That was a dance of Joy, the Ark of the Lord had just been recovered, the King was happy. Fast forward to 2019 in Akwa Ibom State, Senator Godswill Akpabio is the dancing God father (as he would want to now be addressed) who is unaware that his skin is being revealed from excess, haphazard desperate moves.

Since the “The Godfather” left the People’s Democratic Party in August he has been dancing to imaginary tunes and at some times have had to drum for himself the warsaw song when no one was willing to dance to such tunes.

Senator Akpabio wants to win elections for a second term in office, but that cannot satisfactorily explain his desperate moves in recent times. Senator Akpabio is now in the APC, he is now supporting his former Deputy Governor, Obong Nsima Ekere, whom he sacked for incompetence and fraud, he is in bed with PMB whom he publicly declared unfit for the Presidency, being without any academic qualification: but are these facts enough to cause the senator to dance unaware of his opening toga? Why is the Senator really going into these desperate dance exercise?

Some say it is because he had pronouced himself a nationalist and needs to demonstrate such capacity, others say he is working hard to justify his exemption from prosecution by PMB which came as an exchange for his promise to PMB that Akwa Ibom will fall for the APC if he is safely received to the “sin haven”, APC with all his iniquities written off.

Trusting him, PMB performed his own part of the bargain, The Senator now needs to do anything to ensure he keeps his own part of the bargain; intimidate, make war declarations, issue arrest warrants, order redployment of unit heads within the Akwa Ibom State Police Command and ensure his cronies are appointed into sensitive units, including a cousin, order the redeployment of INEC REC, just anything imaginable to ensure he keeps his part of the bargain.

Sadly, the Senator failed in many but he would not give up without a fight though his failure seems imminent; while he is fighting, Udom is gaining more popularity, the people insist that what is right cannot be wrong.

In his most recent desperate dance appearance, sources say that Senator Akpabio has just purchased over ten Hilux vehicles which he has branded with army colours for use during the elections by fake soldiers for whom he has already prepared army uniforms and ammunitions. Fake police have also been recruited by the senator and their uniforms and ammunitions fully acquired.

From credible source, the senator called the Inspector General of Police just yesterday, February 13, 2019 asking for the redployment of the the Commissioner of Police who has only just arrived the state. The senator says the CP must go because he gave orders to the DPO, Nsit Atai for the release of persons who were detained on the orders of “Brown”. The source reveal that the CP had to present case files of the detained suspects to the IG which revealed that there was no condemnation possible under the law against them.

Indeed these are desperate moves and the people are not unaware of how far the senator can go in the execution of his egoistic resolve. The question we however ask is; where the CP is not redeployed just as the INEC REC, Mr Mike Igini is not redeployed, if PMB does not win election on Saturday, if the Ukarakpa one of Africa wins on Saturday, if Udom Emmanuel goes on to win at the polls as widely predicted in Akwa Ibom State today, what shall the senator do?

Let the Senator not forget that as he is making his desperate moves, that his skin is being revealed and the world is watching. If the Senator be intoxicated with fear, let someone help tell him that it shall be well with him; he shall live to face his probe by the EFCC, he shall live to witness the victory of the PDP, particularly his successor, His Excellency Udom Emmanuel: may this day come soon.

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