How I had My First Sex Experience With My Cousin by Mutoko Musambi

When did you have your first sexual intercourse, with whom and how was it? That is not always a question so many persons, male or female can offer satisfying and factual answers. Very often, truths are distorted whenever the issue is raised mostly because of certain denigrating features of the acts.

For some several persons, their first sex experience might have been done with an Aunty, Uncle, Sister, brother, Cousin, family or friend. Might have even been in the toilet, play ground, bath room, corridor, school or church yard. And any other denigrating places one might never want to share for dignity’s sake.

Truth is actually the fact that most first experience in sex is always performed between experienced people with an innocent one. First time sexual intercourse between two innocent persons is rare, very rare in my own part of the world.

My first sex experience was at a shamba, two huts away from our hut. We were having a moonlight play that night. ‘Hide and seek’ was the chosen game. When a sound signals, all the players except the chosen seeker are to run and hide themselves anywhere possible. It could be in sacs, heaps of grass, behind huts. Could even be in uncompleted buildings, in a  thick bush, in newly planted shamba and anywhere one would never be easily discovered.

Usually in the game, after another signal, the seeker will go in search of everyone and the first person he discovers will be the next seeker. Once someone is found, a signal is given and all the players will return from their hide-out. Another round of the game will ensue to engage the new seeker when everyone has emerged from hiding.

Being one of the youngest kids then, I remember so many persons rarity.  We often witnessed some of our players, especially of the opposite sexes often do not emerge hours after the signal has been given. I never knew why until I experienced what they have been experiencing.

This very night, we had a half moon; it was not too bright or too dim. It offered the perfect setting for what I was offered by Mary, for that was her name. Mary was my cousin. She was one year ahead of me but appeared much older in height and experience. At the age of thirteen, she already had a well developed body with robust and pointed breasts. She is presently living in Nairobi with her husband.

On that memorable night, the signal was given, all the players as usual ran away helter-skelter. I did same passing two huts to a shamba with mounds of ridges I could hide between. I was still there when I heard some feet creeping toward my direction. I crisscrossed my fingers, which is what we were told to do anytime you don’t want to be caught by anyone, even if that person was staring directly on your face. Despite that, the sound of the feet draws nearer than before. Troubled, I buried my face and everything else in me between the ridges as I cannot stand being discovered to go searching for others in the next round of the game.

Head, body and every other part of me was still down when I felt a soft touch on my neck. A voice whispered, ‘Musambi don’t move’. ‘You’re not the seeker’, I immediately enquired. She didn’t say anything further. Immediately she grabbed the front of my trouser and I felt something have never felt before. The trouser we young boys wore then was made of simple fabric and sewn in a very simple manner, no zip or button but a rope we could just draw to remove the trouser or pull to fasten it to our waist.

Mary held onto the front of my trouser. My manhood at this moment was like whenever I wake up in the night with the sudden urge to urinate. Instantaneously, she pulled the rope in my waist and all of a sudden, I discovered she has taken off my trouser. Mary draws me over to a nearby tree and leaned on it.  Surprisingly, I saw she was stark naked, no pant, when she lifted her gown up. Scanty hairs on her skin not too visible in the dark were all I could see.

To be honest, I sincerely did not even know what to do to Mary, neither did I asked nor did she say anything. She just pulled me to herself, inserted my erected and little penis into her vagina which I discovered was wet. Quickly, she pulled and pushed me sporadically until I took over the action unconsciously and involuntarily. We were still in it when the signal came that the seeker has discovered someone. Accordingly everyone should come out from hiding. But alas, we couldn’t stop.

Pulling and pushing eventually became faster than before till I jerked and felt like urinating. I wanted to pull my penis outside so that I do not urinate inside her but I couldn’t. What I later learned was not urine, forced itself out of my penis to her vagina and I became weak immediately. She held me to herself, touching and robbing all parts of my body at that moment. We both unconsciously collapsed and sat down under the tree.

After minutes of rest, maybe 30 minutes, Mary suggested I should let her go out first to the playground. This was to avoid others from suspecting we were stocked together somewhere. ‘Tell no one’, she softly  warned me. I later however discovered she had had similar experience with almost all the boys in our neighborhood

On the next day when we met, she couldn’t look me in the face directly neither could I look at her. We then suddenly developed unconscious reservation for each other until she had admission to in the Girls Senior Secondary School in Nairobi and relocated.

Then and then was I, initiated into several sex orgies that was to follow with other first timers I initiated.


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