OPINION: Of Money,Mental and Intellectual Tithers by Kelechi Deca

A society where majority of educated younger generation spent an entire month debating about TITHING reflects the quality of its Gross Mental Products (GMP) which in turn gives a clearer picture of direction of its Gross Mental Output (GMO).

The fastidousness with which most of us delved into theological researches is amazing and commendable.The very psychology of the current debate seem to prove my theory that religion has established such a grip in Nigeria not because of the religionists, but basically because those who claim ‘non-religion’ are far more obsessed with religion such that their obsession fuels religion itself. That is a matter of discussion for another day.

If we dedicate just 15% of such quality time and intellectual push on some of the economic and political issues plaguing this country, our knowledge and understanding would be top notch,which will in turn help us make better informed commentaries and influence change.

BudgiT released state of States budgets analyses 2017 for over three weeks. How many of us have checked out how our different states fared in utilising the budgets, and what the governors did with our commonwealth?

The 2018 federal budget was presented yesterday, how many of us have even shown interest in the breakdown.If in 2016 we budgeted N6 trillion, in 2017, we budgeted N7 trillion, and in 2018, we have budgeted N8 trillion.

Is that the new normal trajectory we are going to follow going forward?
Where are the arithmetic evidences to justify these geometric budgetary increments?
Has implementation of the budget of 2016 justified that of 2017?
And where are we with the 2017 Budget?

Also do not forget the multiplier effect that created the vicious circle that led to the death of the 26 young girls discovered in a ship off the coast of Italy.

I am not against anybody improving knowledge of Hermeneutics or Exegesis if that attracts anybody’s fancy.They can even venture into Eschatology if they so desire. No knowledge is a waste, but I also like a situation were our focus on certain issues do not derail what counts. We can walk and chew at the same time.

If time is money, then we are all tithers one way or another.

The time we spent discussing, analysing, arguing and fighting over TITHES is our own tithe. The danger here is that many of us have paid more than the mandatory 10% without even knowing it.

This reminds me of that great literary work by the French author Marcel Proust titled “A la recherche du temps perdue” (In search of lost time).

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