Part of My True Life Testimony- Ray Ugba Murphy

In 2001, in my house in Calabar, at Akai Effa, in the middle of the night, i was attacked by wannabe assassins on a politically related assassination attempt.

They were in my house where I lived alone apart from guards for about 5 hours, from about 12 midnight till after 5am! First, they disarmed and immobilized the guards by hitting them on the spine with heavy iron rods. This effectively left them paralyzed and numb.

Then, they faced me. There were eleven of them and they did their best to batter me. I was beaten, tortured, clubbed, matcheted, shot at, locked in and left for dead! I was bleeding profusely from multiple injuries but God kept me alive. The bandits locked me in my toilet after which they locked the house and then locked the gate but the Divine let me out.

I got out and was able to drive myself from my house to an hospital in a daze but without incident. I was put under intensive care and that night the assassins came again to the hospital but God pass them because in the middle of the night, under inspiration, I left the amenity room in the hospital and slept under the staircase without the knowledge of the hospital staff!

Now you know why I don’t fear death! Its because I have passed through the valley of the shadow of death and now I fear no evil!

Now you know why I am a badass Mystic Man, its because I have crossed the portal where i came face to face with the Nameless and returned!

And this is no fairy tale, many people who were in Calabar at the time can confirm this report. They can recall and bear witness that the raging news was that i was dead, that i had been killed!

God kept me alive so I can tell of him! Some people said that I have odeshi but there is no odeshi bigger than the #Shield_of_the_Spirit! A shield which is available to ALL if only they will seek the True Presence.

I am a mystic man and I am privileged to be in that esteemed company. Gold and silver I have non, what I have is more than those!

Bros, i get am for God! Call me what you like, all I know is that the Divine has favoured me with His Presence. Day and night, He is there. When I sleep I see him, when I am awake, I see him. And I can tell you, that God is real. Know that I use the pronoun “he” for just communication. God actually is “IT”, not he. It is Spirit, not man, not formed but the Totality of All Potential expressing as Vibrant Energy in which all things Exist!

Mystic Ray

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