AKSU: The real reason Mr. Inibehe Effiong is attacking Prof. Eno Ibanga

Mr. Inibehe Effiong in a demeaning Facebook post titled ‘BEING A PROFESSOR OR VICE CHANCELLOR DOES NOT IMMUNE ONE FROM FOOLISHNESS,’ made wild allegations and disparaging comments on the person of Prof. Eno Ibanga. Surprisingly, Mr. Effiong, who is a lawyer, failed to support his allegations and comments with facts and proof. It is no surprise that Mr. Effiong has taken the ignominious path of insulting an elderly person and a professor because it is his trade to insult, peddle lies and throw dirt on people for the ignoble purpose of being popular. It is however baffling and dangerous that Mr. Effiong will hide behind a cloak of activism and ideology-driven cause to pursue his selfish goals and to settle personal vendetta.

Mr. Effiong is attacking Prof. Ibanga for the decision Prof took sometime in 2013 while he was the Dean of Students Affairs, University of Uyo.
Mr. Effiong, while at the Faculty of Law, University of Uyo, had contested for the office of the President, Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN), University of Uyo, without having the requisite minimum CGPA of 3.0. Mr. Effiong put himself up for the election knowing fully well that he was not qualified but hid his non-qualification from the public. Barr. Effiong went and placed loyalty to a certain powerful government official, who bankrolled his election. Money was splashed on students, electoral officers and some staff of the Faculty of Law so they could support him. Rules were bent to favour Mr. Effiong. Finally, Mr. Effiong, in connivance with some elements, was allowed to stand for the election.
Upon the revelation that Mr. Effiong was not qualified to stand the election, the Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Uyo, disqualified Mr. Effiong. The decision was approved by Prof. Eno Ibanga, the then Dean of Students, University of Uyo, despite pressure and financial inducement for him not to do the right thing. The first runner up in the election was sworn in as the president.
Mr. Effiong is yet to let go the fact that Prof. Ibanga approved his disqualification and has been lashing out at everyone who stood their ground and made the right decision. It is for this reason that Mr. Effiong is attacking Prof. Ibanga.

For the records, let it be stated thus:

1. Prof. Ibanga did not play a role in the murder of late Kingsley Udoette (may his soul rest in peace) and neither did Prof. Ibanga cause the arrest of 44 students. The incident of June 12, 2013 was an unfortunate incident.

2. Prof. Ibanga, upon assumption of duties as the Vice Chancellor, has been working to improve the standard of education, academic performance and wellbeing of the students of the Akwa Ibom State University. Akwa Ibom State University, has improved in ranking owing to his leadership.

3. Nigeria has however been bedevilled with security challenges and AKSU is not exempted. But Prof. Ibanga has been working assiduously to tackle issues of security and has held meetings with several security agencies to that effect.

4. The freedom of expression of every person is guaranteed. This freedom does not however mean the freedom to insult or abuse. In institutions where virtues of discipline, character and respect are treasured, a higher standard of responsibility is placed on members of such institutions. For instance, a soldier is required to be overly disciplined at all times, and where a soldier is found wanting, the soldier is immediately disciplined. A lawyer is not allowed on the basis of freedom of expression to insult the court or judge nor can a lawyer refer to a judge as foolish. Where any lawyer insults the court or judge, he or she gets disciplined and held in contempt.

5. This principle of responsibility applies even higher in educational environment where students are moulded intellectually and in character. Hence, it is unpardonable for a student to refer to a Vice Chancellor (VC) as foolish. There is need to be careful of what we condone in our society so that the very moral fabric of our society is not destroyed.

Mr. Effiong should learn to move on with his life and not blame his disqualification on people. He was the sole author of his misfortune. It is appalling that Mr. Effiong would use such uncouth language to refer to Prof. Ibanga, someone old enough to be his father.

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